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Mr. Aaron Kaase is a public officer with Nigeria’s Police Service Commission (PSC). On the 27th May 2015, he blew the whistle on the Chairman and Nigeria’s former Inspector-General of Police, Sir. Mike Okiro on grounds of gross administrative fraud and abuse of public office. His position to expose the Chairman led to his sudden suspension by the PSC.

There has since been a plot of persecution and other human rights violations, including frivolous criminal prosecution based on manufactured narratives on his person and who by the Freedom of information Act is considered a whistleblower.

The objective of Whistle Blowing as a potent tool by individuals and public servants is the ability to make disclosure in good faith and in a manner that serves the public interest of any fraud, misconduct, violations of law, rules and regulations of public offices.

Mr. Kaase seeks protection from the violation of his fundamental human rights as a whistle blower provided under the Freedom of Information Act, and still awaits the enforcement of this right.

In this Podcast, Mr. Kaase speaks with R2K, Nigeria FoI Podcast team about his experience using the Freedom of Information Act, 2011 to blow the whistle.

To listen to the podcast on Mr. Aaron Kaase’s experience on whistle blowing, please click here


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